What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy uses psychological methods in order to heal or ease states of mental and emotional suffering.

There are many different kinds of psychotherapeutic methods, and they all have one thing in common: conversations are a vital part of the therapy.

When is psychotherapy indicated?

Psychotherapy can be helpful not only to treat mental health problems (like depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder), but also to help clients who are unhappy with certain aspects of their lives and want to change them, e.g. in their relationships, jobs or after traumatic experiences.
In all these cases psychotherapy can help the clients to understand themselves better and open up new perspectives.

Person-centred psychotherapy

Person-centred psychotherapy focuses on the person, not on the symptom or the problem.

The person-centred approach assumes that every person has the potential to gain higher emotional maturity and capability and to assume more self-responsibility. The therapeutic process is based on an atmosphere of empathic understanding, positive regard and an authentic way of being.

In the protected environment of psychotherapy sessions, clients can talk freely about any issue important to them. This allows them to deal with their personal experiences, their individual situations and ailments, and their attitudes and feelings. By doing so, the clients can get to know themselves better. They can come to understand the mental and emotional causes for their personal problems and develop new perspectives, solutions and answers.